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How We Began...

Mixellaneous was an idea I came up with while struggling to figure out where life would take me next.  After my sister Paula and I sold our first business, The Playing Field, I bounced from job to job trying to find the right fit.  I couldn't seem to find a place for myself. I kept a book of business "ideas". Everything from a local coupon book geared to moms "let's talk shop" to an activity center for moms with babies "what to do from 10-2, to a crafting place with 8 different crafts  to choose from "crazy 8's". Finally, a friend and mentor asked me to present him with some of these ideas and told me he'd help me come up with a realistic business plan. At first, I thought I'd be able to tie some of the ideas together. My first go was a mix of a few of the ideas along with a candy store called Mixalicious.  Since retail was my first love and passion there was going to be some component of shopping mixed in as well.  I always loved the gift business, even when we had our children's store, and I really felt that there was a need for a gift store in the area.  After about a year of presentations before an informal board of directors, the acquisition of what I felt was the right space, a lot of driving around to pick up tables  bought on craigslist that would eventually be repainted in our signature black white and blue, and figuring out the perfect name, Mixellaneous opened.  It wasn't always the store it is now, that took some time, some failures , some wins and a lot of luck.  It takes a few years to understand the market, the customer and the process, and we're still learning! I am so grateful for the opportunity to do what I love , to be surrounded by such wonderful staff and customers and to have the support of my husband and family who helped me discover the MIX.

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